Small Love Gestures That Keep A Relationship Going Strong

August 17, 2020

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SMALL LOVE GESTURES Small Love Gestures that Keep a Relationship Going Strong.

You may have seen the catchphrase, “It’s the small moments that make life big,” plastered in a sentimental scrapbook or posted beside a baby photo on social media.

But have you ever taken the time to think carefully about the truth behind this statement?

We often work, labor, and stress to achieve great moments: a vacation, a college degree, or a great milestone.

But we don’t take the time to realize that each everyday experience with our friends, spouses, and children are the stuff of life.

The love dare is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love.

It’s the small love gestures that keep any relationship going good.

Without the little things, the big achievements will have no significance.

Here are some small love gestures and tips that you can put in practice every day to show your spouse or partner that you love them.

These small love gestures don’t take a lot of time or money.

Some of them just take a second or two of your time but have lasting positive effects on your relationship.

They can help you and your spouse weather through the 4 seasons of marriage. 

They can have a monumental effect to bond you and your spouse together as one happy couple.

Do you know what the 4 seasons of marriage are?

Let’s look at some of the best simple love gestures that can keep a marriage going strong.

#1. Smile


A simple smile is one of the small gestures for a happier relationship.

Dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin -AKA “happiness hormones” are all released when you smile.

These happiness hormones are associated with stress reduction, bonding, and relaxation.

A smile can have a powerful effect on your happiness and on your relationships.

One source says that more feel-good chemicals are released from a single smile than when receiving a large sum of money.

Give your partner a simple smile.

It’s a simple, painless, and free way to improve your quality of life. Show that you are truly happy to see him or her. Take the time to smile.

It’s the small things that matter. A Heartfelt smile is a small love gesture that can get the best out of your partner.

#2. Say Thank you. Appreciate your Mate

thank you -small love gesture

 A married couple with nearly forty years of experience shares that one of the most meaningful small things in their marriage was thankfulness.

The husband thanked his wife for the daily chores and small tasks she performed for the family.

Every day, he thanked her for the delicious meals she created.

By example, they taught their children to cultivate a habit of thankfulness.

Saying thank you is another example of small love gestures that make a big difference.

#3. Ask Questions 

Ask questions instead of making assumptions.

Engage your spouse in a meaningful conversation.

Show you care by asking about their day. You can ask as soon as they get home or over dinner.

Do a simple online search for conversation starters for couples, then bring those questions into your daily life.

Here’s a link to 100 questions that every couple needs in their relationship – the questions were specifically designed to build trust, openness, and eventually feelings of deep intimacy.

Don’t just rotate in the same ruts that you’ve always used.

Try to bring in new topics of conversation and learn something new about your spouse every day.

Asking your partner about their day is a small love gesture that shows that you care.

#4. Surprise Your Partner With gifts As a Love Gesture

Surprise -small love gestures

Listen to your spouse’s conversation and try to tune into the small nuances that provide clues to the things they like and dislike.

Then surprise them with gifts “just because.” It will bring a smile to your spouse’s face.

Meaningful gift ideas include flowers, gourmet chocolates, special cookies, perfumes/colognes, or anything that can make their day special.

Essential oils – EO, is not a woman’s only thing anymore.

Men love them too! Essential oils are great gift ideas. Topped with a classy diffuser and a pure organic carrier? Hmmm, these can really spice things up.

#5. Show Your Spouse You Are Thinking of Them

Sometimes the most powerful small love gestures include showing that someone that you are thinking about them.

You can surprise her by having lunch delivered to her job. You can out of the blues, prepare his favorite dish.

A Godiva Chocolate Gift Box is always a good gift idea.

Just sacrifice a little to make them feel special.

Even if your spouse does not respond, send him or her a text during the day, letting them know you are thinking of them and praying for them.

Remember the events that your spouse has scheduled for the day, and ask how those things are going.

#6. Simple Touch


Simple touch means a brief, playful touch that brings connection.

Pat their shoulder, caress their hair, do a special handshake, or give a brief kiss or hug.

Do these rituals every day to enrich your life.

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Reach out and make the first move. Show your spouse you care and want to connect.

#7. Create Daily Rituals In Your Relationship

Every relationship should have rhythms and patterns of connection.

These patterns lend stability to relationships.

Check-in every morning over coffee. Hold hands and pray. Call each other at lunchtime and check-in.

Take time each week to go over that week’s schedule and pray together over your week.

Doing your rituals on a regular, recurring basis will help you and your spouse feel safe.

 Becky Bailey calls these rituals of connection, “I Love You Rituals.”

She says that“I Love You Rituals” contains four ingredients: playfulness, simple touch, presence, and gentle eye contact.

While most of her I Love You Rituals are geared for adults connecting with children, partners can incorporate the same principles into their interactions with one another.

Are you truly present with your spouse during that quick kiss? Do you touch them gently, look fondly into their eyes, and express playfulness and joy?

It’s these little things that matter.

#8. Respond To Your Spouse’s “Bids.”

Dr. Steve Call says that couples are constantly sending out “bids” for attention.

Here’s a link to Dr. Calls’ reconnect: insights and tools for cultivating meaningful connection in your marriage.”

Like a slight nose-scratch or cough from a bidder at an auction, some of these bids are subtle and hard to notice.

Nonetheless, spouses are constantly asking one another for connection in small ways.

It’s important to notice and respond positively to your spouse’s bid for attention.

If they hint at going out to eat, taking a walk, chatting about the day, or playing a board game, make sure you don’t brush off this small invitation.

Notice their “bid” for attention and respond with kindness.

If you’re not available right then, make sure you schedule another time when the two of you could connect.

If you make a habit of dismissing or ignoring your spouse’s bids, she or he may stop asking, and your relationship will suffer.

#9. Give Them Wildflowers


How about finding a small bouquet of lovely sweet peas, daisies, trumpet vine, or daffodils?

Wildflowers are a small but significant way to add beauty and love to your spouse’s life.

Even if not expensive, a small love gesture like this shows your spouse that you took time and effort to show them that you care about them.

Wildflowers are another example of small things that matter.

#10. Say “I Love You.”


Sometimes we assume that others know that we love them. But the words matter.

Many songs have been written on the importance of verbalizing our love.

Sometimes, we realize too late that we should have been more diligent about speaking love out loud.

Ron Hamilton’s song reminds us, “Life is but a vapor, quickly vanishing away.

Wait until tomorrow and your change may flee away.

Give a fragrant flower while its beauty still can charm. Give a kiss to warm the longing heart.

Say ‘I love you’ while the heart can feel. Say ‘I love you’ while the heat can heal.

Make a heart rejoice, give your love a voice. Speak the words while you can say ‘I love you.’”

The Bible says it’s the little things that matter. “For who has despised the day of small things?” God asks in Zechariah 4:10.

God says that the tiny mustard seed can grow into a giant tree (Mark 4:10).

A tiny bit of yeast can spread through an entire lump of dough (Matthew 13:33).

On the flip side, a tiny negative word of anger or hatred can spread, causing great destruction and devastation (James 3:5).

It’s worth our time to make sure that the small moments in marriage are healthy, beautiful, and nurturing to our spouse.

It’s not the heart-stopping moments of romance, the breathtaking honeymoon destinations, or the great accomplishments that make a marriage successful.

Without small moments of love and daily tenderness, any marriage or relationship quickly becomes difficult and suffocating.

Take time today to cultivate small things that matter.

In the end, you will find that your small investments will pay giant dividends.

Now that you got the picture, what’s your action plan?

You are in this for the long run, so do your part, keep it real and allow peace, happiness, and love to reign!

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Sending lots of love, positivity, and blessings your way:).




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